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ey @figburn you think you could update the description? the @ being used by the original creator of the marioxsonic thing changed a while ago, and he's been releasing awesome original new games on itch.io, he now goes by @menosplay. Thought of this because I've been seeing that this collab still gets comments sometimes and I just think he deserves any possible traffic from this marvelous thing, which I'm proud to have painted a dick brush frame for.
hugs and kisses

Figburn responds:

updated the description and finally added a direct link to his twitter, dunno why I didn't before lmao

I did not expect to see a cartoon about cetacean stranding on the NG frontpag today, I am pleasantly surprised.
The animation style and voices reminded me of MadTV cartoons, I love orcas so thats an easy hit with me

sminky responds:

That makes two of us not expecting to see it on the NG frontpage!

Make it a series please ok
Regardless of the unquestionable comedic and narrative potential to be the next simpsons or some shit like that ,I really really liked the wacky animation style, and the voices are superb.

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Played this right when you posted but I put off writing a review because I wanted to try the mobile version. The game is pretty fun and challenging, I'm gonna break down my thoughts:

First I wanna say it runs well on mobile(tried it on my shitty moto g1) and even tough I couldn't use more than one button simultaneously, I love the touch screen joystick, I've always found that default touch screen control from Pico8 awesome, but I wish we had that on different Flash engines that weren't all necessarily using that resolution with pixel art thing Pico8 has, and you kinda granted my wish. Makes me wanna dive into a game project just to expand the "KwingControls" library. I gotta try to mess around with the code assets sometime, actually got some narrative walksimulator-y ideas that I'd love to try to do.

Secondly, the desktop version was optimal and pretty fun, plus the weird shift aligning thing actually felt like an nice added challenge to me, I dunno I just imagined the character was limping or was dragging some weight so they had to adjust theirselves constantly. I remember seeing some first person maze games on NG that are basically well mapped 2d point and click games, but I dont remember seeing what it seems like an actual 3d enviroment with made (entirely?) in Flash. I'm just very intrigued by the techincal stuff behind it and wondering how much polish this 3D engine could reach but I'll just get on to my final point...

Lastly, the actual game, even though it seems pretty barebones, it plays well, its actually fun and challenging, an it atually pulls off a creepy ambiance pretty nicely. The specters and summoners look simple but they work for me, and the ambient music is a nice touch. I still wanna see things done here expanded further.

I'm glad I saw you linking this on a thread and reminded me of how much I liked it.
I hope you mess around with this 3D flash thing more!

Kwing responds:

I'm pleasantly surprised that you enjoyed this on mobile - while I did feel good about the joystick, I couldn't stand using one button at a time. Power to you if you liked it though (along with the mediocre-at-best shift system.)

I do think the 3D engine lends itself to a walking simulator more than most other genres (you could probably do a racing game too,) though the most problematic issue with the engine as a whole is that you can't draw things to the screen that aren't easily represented by a single point (such as a wall of any significant length.) Part of the reason the game plays so well is that the engine's weaknesses (ugly walls, no floor textures, significant lag if rendering more than a few objects) are covered up by design choices (open environment, darkness to reduce draw distance, punishing the player for moving too far from bonfire.) I'd like to expand on the basic idea more, but the engine is unfortunately very limited.

Thanks for the review!

not cool, there should be one side missile w/ a bunch of soldier guys and tanks and shit, and on the other side like one armed muslim, and a bunch of children and women carrying babies and just fucking villages. innacurate but half star for effort and heavy metal guitar.

ZabuJard responds:

i will make accurate sequel for u lad

ugh you're getting lazy, same soundtrack as lola bunny in the shower.
step up your game man, cmon I love you

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This has one of those perfectly hummable chorus, I found myself humming the "get dizzy myself sometiiiiiimes" immediately after listening to this. Awesome feelgood song. I hope you put out more stuff in the future!

ShelbyBryant responds:

Wow thank you so much for that. You are so kind to listen and to leave a comment like this.

Dude this is amazing, I have no idea if you still see when someone comments on your stuff here. But can I sing over this and post it on my page? linking it back here of course. I´ve been looking for cool instrumentals for me to test some vocal stuff on without having to do the whole song.

Damn, I listened to it while browsing some shit earlier, but I came back to really listen to it now. This has some crazy horizon gazing mood to it while having some frantic stuff spliced in there.
the beginning reminded me a lot of Megaman 8 music, then it got crazy. Nice stuff!

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Thanks! :D Exactly! I was hoping people would get that vibe out of it. Megaman 8 is definitely one of the handful of games that inspired the vibe, well the soundtrack anyway. Thanks!

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Oh man, I love a lot of things about this!
Feels like you really looked at my little character reference thingie and took into consideration I like doing archy poses having characters with their backs curved.
I love, really really love, the cold colors you used and how the body is kinda muscular but still skinny. The pose seems like something hard to achieve with such dynamism while also having a super clean and nice linework(I´m curious to know if there were many other pose sketches, or if you got reaaaallly good actiony references and got it in few takes, great job anyways).
Also, I love the setting, a crazy suicidal sled jump. Awesome work, happy holidays

hpargonohp responds:

Thanks, glad to hear you loved it!
I did a study of him first, then drew out some poses I thought were fitting; I did about two full poses (and a lot of head studies!) and ultimately went with this one, thinking it was more "festive". Had a lot of fun with this one, to be honest.
That's all I have to say on that, have a good one too!

This looks like it comes from an official children´s book, colors are sooo nice and they´re looking the friendliest I´ve seen. Love seeing the main muppet band on the front page! keep it up!

InsaneDingoArt responds:

Awe man thanks a lot! ^_^!

This is one of the coolest pieces I´ve seen here this year.
At first glance I thought it was embroidery, then I saw it wasn´t and was like "oh this isn´t that impressive then" then I was like "wait, this dude did this crazy hatching thing that actually fooled me, wow". It´s already great without even paying attention to how expressive the characters are and how much of a story it tells. I will come back here and stare at this many times for sure.

johnnycigarettex responds:

whoa ! thank you so much for your kind words ! I really appreciate it :●)


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