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Its been roughly a year and a half since I've started trying out the accordion, my mom bought me a stupid little 8 button toy accordion for christmas and that made me take a completely bonkers detour away from how my music and creative stuff was advancing. The accordion is a sophisticated, versatile, and above all a fucking ridiculous instrument, I started reading a bunch of Weird Al interviews last year, and I remembered the first time I actually heard Al was right here on Newgrounds, Hardware Store, before I became aware of the classic that is Albuquerque. Ironically two songs where the accordion isn't really doing anything, still, I wanted to mention Weird Al to make it seem like we have some sort of cosmic connection. I also took great interest in the brazillian genre of music forró, which carries a arsenal of awesome techniques that I feel bring a flavor to the bellows completely different from the polka so often used by the aforementioned god of modern music parody.

I've started gaining some rhythm, I started gaining some groove, after a couple of months practicing the shit out of the accordion, I actually made my performance debut HERE, on a Newgrounds online event( that happened thanks to @stanpai, @lilspook and a team of awesome moderators,collaborators,workshoppers,lecturers,etc). I, of course, started perfoming irl later but I'm gonna make sure to always point out for the rest of my days, that the first time I played my accordion to anyone other than me or my mom, was on the Newgrounds Summer Fest. I went on to do other internet stuff like that while the pandemic was still in its peak, I made some short music score pieces for the currently in production Shrek Retold 2, and did a little thingie with @scottwjsm, who I met through me hangin on the BBS and stumbling across an animation gig for swearnet, Scott recruited me and he ended up being cool as fuck guy and I'm glad we met. 


As I said, eventually I started trying to figure out where I would in real life perform my new me, the me with the huge squeezebox, the me who can now make as much noise with my hands unplugged as my mouth screaming. I performed at a cool event which was a celebration of an artist friend who passed an old building downtown where a naked guy was also performing this naked guy thing simultaneously, I played at a few of open mics and I think people really like when you bust out the accordion and play shit like careless whisper. I played alongside this band I love when they were just visiting my city. I met someone who's into campy shit like electronic forró and now we're a weird couple I love.

here's their kitchen: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/pegasutv/cozinha-delu

I played on a neat oudoor stage the muright by the municipal theater between a bunch of hip hop acts(I really really find it difficult to fit myself with similar acts so this happens, I just drop myself anywhere I see music and hope I'm not being a douche and taking up space I'm not supposed to) I played with a group of fucking clowns just last month. I've been rediscovering myself through this accordion shit and I have to say, a huge first step was playing for the Newgrounds people.

Music kinda comes before anything in life to me, but I am learning each day that I am not a music machine and I have to keep my "person" sane and whatnot, and I took some steps and went through stuff that though and is still teaching me a lot. I got into an apartment with this dude who supports and stimulates me musically more than anyone atm(he's playing acoustic guitar on the banner thingie) I am now half of a weird couple, the kitty I rescued from the street as a tiny rat looking thing covered in bruises, Zapata, got sick and I actually managed to make money with a couple of horrible jobs and with some help bought the medicine to get it. I regrouped with my volunteer firefighters buddies a couple of times and actually helped them out instructing new potential volunteer firefighters, and I dont know what else... Im sleepy and I can just update this later if I want lol probably wont. here's the happy n healthy kitty


I guess I wanted to share with whoever reads this that I'm having a blast and I hope you are too. I'll try to share more, for the time being you can peep @pegasutv on those shitty socialmedia websites that unfortunatelly everybody's active on, and I want to thank Newgrounds for the endless inspiration even if I'm sometimes just looking from a distance. I feel a little sorry for being absent but life away from the screen has been crazy and good, if I manage to fir a bit more "Newgrounds" to my schedule it'll be perfect

tl:dr: Accordion is reminding me how to live, I'm romantically involved with a funny alien/gobinlike person, my cat got sick, then got healthy, firefighters met up, I'm renting an apartment...I dunno...Happy holidays and may Tom Fulp bless us all.


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