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Look! New(?) music! wow check it out! play it while you read this post or something I dunno

Last week I fulfilled a dream of mine, I met a damn legend, a huge example of creative force and someone who inspires me immensely. Pedro Paiva AKA @menosplay, an artist, game dev, very cool guy and creator of the magnificent marioxsonic kissing animation famously played alongside Take On Me by A-ha, yes, this one:

He also has some super fun games filled with criticism aimed at all sorts of bullshit permeating our lives, while still maintaining the FUN of videogames strong at his core.

He lives pretty far from where I usually reside in Brasil, but this particular weekend, he was around my area because he was visiting a comic shop(a very cool one) where he installed a fucking ARCADE CABINET he built by himself to host his games physically.

He writes a ton of interesting stuff on his blog and there's this particular one about his work translated to english, and if you are not a horrible person I highly recommend you take a look into his stuff. I was super happy to be able to chat with him in person for a little bit!


the latest iteration of his arcade thing the PIRATA DE PRATA and me meeting the man himself.

More music, eventually

On other news, I've been meeting the members of my old band which, now that I stop to think about it, has been a thing(even if an on and off thing) for ten fucking years. There's a couple of songs I wrote that I wanted to record with a band and well I kinda just dropped that in the middle of a casual conversation and now its kinda happening.

We had a first rehearsal with the four of us this last month, I tried recording it and it sounded pretty decent, and there's a few things I liked that came out of that like THE SONG LINKED ON THE TOP OF THE POST SCROLL BACK UP AND LISTEN.

Now I'm going after each of them to record some stuff on separated tracks, with my limited equipment, by myself, because I'm a maniac.

aand here's something we recorded way back, when this random dude who saw us playing at a party threw us in his friend's studio and just told us to play 4 original songs and then he told us he was being sued and just vanished

There's also a couple of cool internet projects I'm involved with that will come out soon, so uhh follow @pegasutv here and everywhere else and keep an eye out I guess...

Now to finish off yet another way too emotional post, here's a fan art thingie of one of Pedro's games


I met the dude who made this, and I've been meeting old friends irl to play music.


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