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Posted by PegasuTV - February 27th, 2021


I released my little flash forward jam game, it’s a sequel, I think, to a little game I made 11 years ago. I made a thread for sharing creations since I made a bunch of these while testing the game and some of them made me giggle because I’m that silly. I’ve genuinely had fun, and I am very very glad I got motivated by Newgrounds to make something.


this is me testing out a bunch of the assets for VPRDX2K, one of many possible beautiful results

PLAY IT NOW!!111l1l1l1l11l1l1

I just wanna say that I am very happy to see flash running properly on mobile, because I've been slowly realizing most people basically don't use their desktops for small pieces of entretainement or art anymore, and these snippets of greatness are what Newgrounds is made of, and I pratically don't share anything interactive or even animated anymore with IRL friends, because it seems people just turn away from a link that doesn't direct you to any app that isn't your browser. man, fuck people they're missing out on all these awesome AS2 tutorials from 15 years ago(not kidding).


I’ve been experimenting a lot with music, and I usually have loads of fun with it, but I’ve set some goals like, having 5 or so songs with production wrapped up(whatever that means) by the middle of the year and stuff like that. The thing is, I have no idea wtf I am doing, I am literally following along with a mixing for dummies thing and trying to mix my own stuff. So I get pretty lost in the process and redo things inumerous times before getting it “right". Learning how to handle mics, arranjements with multiple guitars/voices by myself. I keep alternating between focusing on the learning, and focusing on getting what feels like a complete song someone could listen to, and between recording and mixing stuff for hours several days in a row, and keeping away from any work files for my music for weeks in order to avoid my dumb brain melting. I may have a scheduling problem or something like that.

It's good to have goals, but when your doing something just for you and for the sake of it, I think these goals should hold little to no importance, you do it because you wanna do it, fuck it.

well once again thanks Newgrounds for being the bestest webspace ever. Flash lives on fuck stev jobs

mandatory link to random music stuff and bye:



Posted by PegasuTV - January 29th, 2021

First off, go follow this person who drew me on NG secret santa because they´re very good and cool https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/hpargonohp/secret-santa-2020-pegasutv

I´m trying to make some sort of sequel to my silly 11 year old flash game for the Flash Forward Jam. it would be very very very nice if anyone out there would step up to help out with what I assume is very basic coding stuff because there's a very big possibility that if I keep trying to do this alone I'll end up with a dysfunctional dress up game with glitchy animation loops shitting all over the stage without any control. You can of course check the original here on my NG page.


here´s my amazing plans for the game, I started thinking about little elements with physics and shit like that then I realized my programming knowledge is limited to GoToAndPlay, GoToAndStop and copying code from ancient tutorials into flash and hoping it works.


 Also, I know its not the first pet rock type game here, but I only found out about that like 2 years later, and also Tony Hawk is not the first skate game and Halo is not the first alien shooting game and people still praise them ok

So yeah if there´s anybody out there willing to spend a few minutes and or hours screwing around with this idea let me know and I´ll send you my .fla with the polished assets and animations and anymore wacky ideas I have. if you have any ideas hit me up send me threats, whatever.

mandatory link for my music stuff at the end of post



Posted by PegasuTV - September 19th, 2020

Hey you 1 out of 3 random people who will actually read through this

I made a video with my brother for 3GI´s Shrekfest Online GOWATCHGO SHREKFEST>>>https://www.twitch.tv/the3gi

Also it´s been 20 years since Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 2 has been released, and that´s a pretty big religious date for me. So I released a song about skateboarding (that´s not really about skateboarding) alongside a weird ass video with TonyHawk Undeground 2 gameplay.

yea the song in portuguese and the lyrics are just a bunch of self referential nonsense so I I didn´t bother coming up with a decent translation for english speaking people for now.

and here´s a painting to celebrate the day yehoo

What are YOU doing to please SHREK and TONY HAWK??

bonus me as puss in boots for shrekfest:iu_169741_2830774.jpg



Posted by PegasuTV - October 16th, 2018


a lot of things are pretty crappy, I've been trough some changes and got pretty disapointed at some shit, and there are some politics stuff going on in Brazil that are finally starting to manage to really bother me. But at the same time I'm getting quite a bit of work, consequently money, so I can do a bunch of dumb stuff I wanna do.  

I'm kinda trying to get into the social media thing where you post everywhere, but I still end up overthinking and doing next to nothing, or fucking it up hehe.

I'm trying posting little notebook sketches and general rough doodles in instagram, posting general shit on twitter, and I even tried posting on the little community they have on that lil app Colors3d for the 3DS and of course I posted like 5 paintings and went back to piling up stuff offline.

I'm doing this #inktober thing as a tribute to newgrounds and I realized like, yesterday that I should tag each of them with the hashtag instead of just having a untagged thread, but oh well, I'm having fun and at least I got more characters on individual tweets to write more stuff about these toons I love. I'm not posting them on NG individually because I wanna make a big pretty mosaic and post it here when I'm done.


But yeah Newgrounds is still the best place on the web, regardless if I'm just lurking or actually posting anything.

Also, I try to keep myself making music, even if it's pretty dumb stuff. this a music video thing I wiped up after having a bunch of clips of me acting like a dumbass with a skateboard collecting dust on my HD


tl:dr I'm a lil bitch who doesn't get social media, I still enjoy doing most of the things I do, I love NG



Posted by PegasuTV - December 27th, 2013

So if anybody out there can hear me... I've done this aimation in like 5 days, while I was feeling sick, for filthy frank youtube guy cuz I fucking love him, and for some reason some people actually saw it, and well they liked it mostly I guess, atleast in the comments...

I'll submit it to newgrounds new and hope someone likes it here too, I won't be able to touch a fucking computer for 2 weeks, but then I'll start fucking putting my shit together and animate like a fucktard

here's the animation on youtube

also I'll try to get to start making my internet places look decent like this blogthing


kbyethnksfcku watchmyshit lookmycrap listentomypoop2830774_153966292823_f56f4aef6f_o.jpg

Posted by PegasuTV - March 19th, 2013

Pretty fucking cool, an art portal submission by me got featured on the frontpage...can I like, write frontpage posts now?
Is that how stuff works? No? okey den...
Imma finish this flash I've been doing and get a dailyfirstcrewpickkingoftheportalmasterofinterne t trophy...hopefully .

Got featured

Posted by PegasuTV - December 11th, 2011

I wish my ng usrname wasnt this stooped...
I want something like master titties or almighty octonipple or boob lord...


Posted by PegasuTV - April 29th, 2011

then youll read this
then youll as'plode
then Ill lauuugh
then your cat will die
then your dick will turn inside out
then youll look at this shit

I will get to front page

Posted by PegasuTV - January 25th, 2010

he commented on my stupid post about making a yellow dude!!(my last post(or my first post(lol)))
Im so fkukin happy that Im going to do some fbf isnpired in the boogley!!:o
(may be not ,cause im frigin lazyXD)

also the pic below shows how amazed and happy I was when i saw it :D


Posted by PegasuTV - July 29th, 2009

well...I m bored so I did this little yellow dude

just bored